A Peek Inside Sweet Tooth Hotel

If you’ve ever heard of The Ice Cream Museum, 29 Rooms or Happy Place… then you’re in for a BIG surprise! No, they aren’t coming but FINALLY, something similar is popping up here in Dallas and It’s called Sweet Tooth Hotel.

Sweet Tooth Hotel is a 1,200 sq. ft. experiential art and retail pop up in Dallas, it delivers five sugar-themed interactive rooms based on popular treats, with lots of hidden surprises to uncover and will be open from May 18 to July 31st in Victory Park.

TIP: When purchasing your ticket I would get 1 keyholder admission per group, especially if you have a child. This “key” will unlock cool treasures that you or your little munchkin can take home.

June is completely sold out! But you can still buy tickets for July. So, HURRY UP! Get your tickets here.

Photography by Karla Janneth for Mybelle



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