Houston, TX

How many cities have we said we’ve “been to” but we really only “passed through” them to get to where we really wanted to go?

Well in this blog I’m calling myself out and admitting that even though I’ve been to Houston thousands of times to see my brother, I’ve never actually “explored” what the city of Houston has to offer.

Now when I go to visit my brother I usually leave Friday night and come back to Dallas Sunday evening. So this past weekend I challenged myself to check out some popular places within the short amount of time that I was gonna be there.

Here’s where all I went! Enjoy!

  • 1. Downtown Houston Aquarium
  • 2. Children’s Museum of Houston
  • 3. The Chocolate Bar

Here is a video and some photos I took of the top 3 places to go to in Houston.

(P.S. my camera died so I wasn’t able to get footage of everything, but I did take photos)


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