What is Mybelle

Belle and Beau, that’s what I like to call my fellow Mybelle addicts who just can’t get enough. Belle means Beautiful in French and Beau means handsome, because it’s true if you are reading this I want you to know you are beautiful inside and out and I appreciate you stopping by and being a part of this journey and I will forever be thankful.

Are you visiting Dallas? Or live in the DFW area and find yourself not knowing what to do, where to go or tired of going to the same old boring spots? Well, you are in for a big surprise! I have been living in Texas all my life but as BIG as Dallas/Ft Worth is I can never seem to know my way around. So, as I discover our beautiful city I am here to share those cool spots with you as well (I’ll do the digging and you can just relax). If you didn’t already know Dallas host over 10,000 events a year. Did I know this? Absolutely not! It’s like I’ve been living under a rock before I started blogging. But, that’s why I am here to help you connect with your city one post at a time and provide you with all things lifestyle and parenthood. Head over to the calendar tab and view all the greatest events held in DFW, but the fun doesn’t stop their. Here in Mybelle, I want parents to be stress free when it comes to shopping for kids, knowing the coolest spots to take your child to and so much more. Everything I post I try to find the best of it all. Having a child is the most expensive responsibility you will have and I want to be the person you can come to for answers.

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Yours Truly,

XO, Michaelle