Custom Made Shampoo by YOU

*This post is in collaboration with Formulate. I received the products mentioned for free to review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you know me then you know I hardly wash my hair, not because I don’t want to but about 6 years ago I’ve noticed that when I would wash my hair a lot, I’d lose a lot of hair during a comb through. So, because of that not only do I wash my hair about 2-3 times a week, mainly 2 lol. I am very picky about what shampoo brands I use. Especially since I have colored hair, I don’t want to ruin $200 worth of a salon appointment for some cheap shampoo that will strip my hair color and leave residue.

So when Formulate reached out to me, the whole idea of “customizing” your shampoo to account for your natural hair, your hair goals, where you live, and your lifestyle. I was all in!

First and foremost, before you get your masterpiece you have to go through a series of questionnaires (that’s the scientist part/you customizing the shampoo). Once you’re done answering all the questions of what kind of hair you have and what kind of shampoo you want for instance; preventing split ends, lessen the amount of oil in the roots, etc… you end up with the “formula”.

Here’s mine.

As you can see everything about the ingredients are natural. And they are also preservative free, sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty-free. AMAZING I KNOW!

Sometimes trying to find a formula that works best for you can be hard, so if they can’t get it right for you on the first formulation, they will work with you to adjust your ingredients and ship you a new formula FREE of charge! And if for any reason you still aren’t satisfied and wish to discontinue, they will issue a full refund, So there really isn’t anything to lose here.

Now let’s get to the fun part, the before and after.

In the before photo, I used a very popular drug store shampoo which actually smells amazing and cost me about $8 a bottle. In the after photo, I used the Formulate shampoo which is $49 for both the shampoo and conditioner and let’s keep in mind that it’s a custom shampoo. Both photos were taken on the first use and air dried. What I mean by “on the first use” is, I went to go buy this generic shampoo and after the first use, I let it air dry then about 4 days later I used the Formulate shampoo and TADA!!!!

Now, I’ve been using it for 3 months straight and I absolutely love it! It was confusing to me at first just because when I used it the first time I did not get any foam so, I thought maybe I didn’t use enough shampoo but right after speaking to a representative she stated “it’s actually totally normal for sulfate free shampoos to not have a ton of lather. It’s because of the lack of harsh, stripping chemicals! Ours are very gentle but should clean quite well 🙂 “.

Oh’ and another thing, your hair can feel like you have some kind of wax on your hair if you use too much conditioner. I definitely think I’ve been using too much conditioner because I’d cover my whole head with it, but you’re only supposed to put it on the very ends of your hair. “

Other then the minor complications I had there at first, surely you can tell that this shampoo is pretty awesome! On another note, the team over at Formulate is great enough to let me host a giveaway for one of you to win your own custom bottle of shampoo and conditioner! Just click here, to enter my giveaway and Formulate will be picking the winner. Go sign up now and you’ll also get $5 off your order after entering even if you don’t win! “.

If you want to try out Formulate, CLICK HERE and get $5.00 off your purchase. Ayyyyy!



The Tooth About My Smile

Statistics say that the first thing you notice in a person is their smile.

I don’t think my smile is one of my BEST features. Best feature is a little further south! Lol I am very self conscious about my smile. I don’t want to go into specifics, but just know that I’m still working on my confidence in that area.

BUT besides the gaps, chips and other dental imperfections going on in my mouth, teeth whitening was something I knew would be affordable and could add a little more improvement to my smile.  

I had tried whitening strips before and TRUST ME, they DID NOT work. They would easily slide off and weren’t stable at all- which was super annoying. The whitening toothpaste well… that’s was a   N E G A T I V E. Straight up!

So when  Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked that I try this “at home teeth whitening kit”, I was instantly interested. After I partnered up with Smile Brilliant my kit was shipped to my front door very quickly and it included everything I needed to get started.

The kit comes with two impression trays, as well as three sets of base and catalyst material (in case you need to re-do your impression).  

First I brushed and flossed my teeth. Then I mixed the catalyst and base paste together (one tray at a time) until the putty became a solid blue color.

Next, once the materials were thoroughly mixed together I placed the impression material in the tray and then placed it in my mouth. This was held in place for approximately 2 1/2 minutes. I repeated these steps for the lower impressions. Leaving the impressions in the trays I let them harden overnight. I then mailed the impressions in the pre-paid envelope back to the lab.

About a week later I had my impression trays delivered to my doorstep.

After about a week and a half later of using these trays every day I was able to see a noticeable difference in my teeth. I am SO pleased with the results, if I wanted more drastic results I could’ve continued the treatment for a longer period of time. But I have plenty of whitening gel left over, so I will save the gel and the trays to whiten my teeth again in a few months. The trays will last for years and Smile Brilliant sells the gel on their website, should you find yourself in need of more gel.




Get your teeth whitening kit here:

Let’s Talk Brazilians

The dreaded Brazilian wax. We all want it (cause we NEED it), but we all HATE it. Why God? Why us? Why do we have hair in places we don’t want? I know we have eyelashes to “protect” our eyes, and nose hair to “protect” our nostrils. But why must we need hair in our special places? I’m sure there’s some super important medical explanation, but it’s just such an inconvenience.

Most girls will start shaving their legs between the ages of 13-15. It’s inexpensive, discreet, and painless. It takes 2 seconds to quickly get rid of a few bikini hairs and our moms didn’t even know because we’d just sneak the razor in and out of the bathroom (#RememberWhen).

There’s nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to hair removal. We’re all human beings and we all have hair down there, believe it or not, you’re not the only person who wants it all gone. Of course, shaving will get the job done, but then the inevitable itch comes within 4 days. You know that itch when the hairs start to grow back? It’s blunt, coarse, and ITCHY.

So what do we do? Shave it again, again, and again…until you get to the point where you think to yourself, “OMG. I can’t deal with this anymore. I’m just gonna wax it off!”

Luckily, this year Depil Brazil reached out to me and wanted me to check out their services, I went ahead and said count me in lol. Rachel T. was my aesthetician, when she was ripping out all my hair that I noticed my legs weren’t twitching and I wasn’t bleeding like I usually would. Something about going to a brazilian waxing studio to get a brazilian makes so much more sense as to why it didn’t hurt as badly as going to the waxing studio by my house. I mean it’s basically their expertise if it’s in their name right? Well come to find out it’s no secret that the reason why I wasn’t in much pain or bleeding was because of the special ingredient in their wax. Which is an oil from the brazilian rainforest and even the CEO is from Brazil so, everything just clicked to me at that point.

TIP 101

The most important thing you have to do before your scheduled appointment is to stop shaving. The hair has to be a certain length for waxing to be effective. 2.5-3 weeks growth from the last shave, or if we are getting technical, 1 centimeter of growth. If you go to your appointment with premature hair it’s very possible the wax will not grab the hair properly and all that pain will be for nothing.

Before heading into your appointment you’ll want to make sure you are nice and clean. Take a shower before you go, and if you don’t have time to shower at least carry some baby wipes with you and wipe off really well. Be courteous to your esthetician. She would absolutely appreciate a clean area to work with.

I know Brazilians can sound scary but I tell myself that it will only be painful for a slight second and it will all be done. Plus after all this work, you should find yourself feeling smooth for 2-3 weeks (varies per person). Two full weeks of no hair? Now that’s a lot better than shaving, am I right? On average, Brazilians should be done every 3-4 weeks, and as time passes you’ll find your hair slowly starting to grow back finer and sparser. Stick to a consist schedule, and you’ll find yourself taking on Brazilians like a champ!

If you’re a newcomer to Depil Brazil Waxing Studio just let them know I sent you, so you can get any of the services mentioned below, and then you’ll be able to feel exactly what i’m talking about and leave your old wax studio for Depil Brazil (#NewYearNewAesthetician).

Free Bikini Wax or $35 Brazilian Wax

Males $50 Brazilian Wax


15% off any other additional service or 15% off any products

If you’re under the age of 18 don’t worry babe, just bring in your guardian with you and you are set to go!


If you have any questions about Brazilians comment below!

Cleansers, moisturizers, masks, Oh my!

Cleansers, moisturizers, masks, Oh my!

Today’s post is all about the importance of skin care and making sure that taking care of your skin is a part of your everyday regimen. I know I talk about this a lot, but I am a strong believer in creating habits that will help not only the health of your body, but your skin as well.

I’ve teamed up with Saranghae in hopes of spreading the great news of this brand, I’ve come to love and use on a daily basis. To make sure that this review is effective and honest I’ve been using all of these products twice a day every day for the past month and a half. As one of my followers, I hope that you know that I don’t support giving a company a positive review unless I’ve tested out the product for myself and feel that it deserves a great review and I definitely wouldn’t give a product a positive review if I didn’t think it was great at all.

Saranghae is said to heal, regenerate and protect your skin for youthful and lasting beauty. Now let me just tell you what Saranghae has done for my skin. One thing I thought was really cool is that the name Saranghae, means “I love you” in Korean, how clever and rad is that?! And what’s even better is that is exactly what this skincare brand is all about. Saranghae is an award-winning Korean anti-aging skincare routine, and claims to heal, regenerate and protect your skin by way of everyday events.

Something I do want to share is that I had my mom try the products in this collection with me because just like everyone else we’re looking for our life-changing product that actually does what it says. For me, the collection worked well under my makeup and made my skin feel very moisturized which is what I need after the shower/face wash. But, when my mom used the product it did burn her eyes a little and caused her eyes to water. I could blame it on her sensitive skin but her skin didn’t show signs of irritation. It could possibly be that the chemicals in the product may have been too harsh for her eyes since the product is all over the face.

On the other hand, the great thing about this company is, if you buy the product and aren’t satisfied you are able to get your money back within the 30 days of your purchase. It’s a win win situation and I love it!

Ready to find out about each product in the collection? As mentioned before, there are five and they are each unique in function and awesomeness!

They are:

1. Saranghae Nourishing + Moisturizing Cleanser: Clean your face morning & night

2. Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum: Penetrate deeper into dermis layer to deliver nutrients to skin cells

3. Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream: Moisturize + Hydrate + Rejuvenate

4. Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream: Restore vitality, diminish wrinkles, visibly lift & firm and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes

5. Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask: Kick back, relax and enjoy a luxurious spa experience right at home

Any how, I have loved this product so far! It can only be found on their website , so check it out and experience the results for yourself!

Take care of that skin, we only get one!

Thanks for following, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Quench Your Thirst With Flavored Water

Experts say that 8 to 12 ounces of filtered water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning will help jump-start your metabolism. It also helps detox your liver. Moreover, the citric acid in lemons helps with digestion and reduces muscle and joint pain, while the vitamin C helps fight against infections like the common cold and the flu. Pretty impressive for just one fruit!

I like to start my day with a cup of warm lemon water. The zesty smell helps wake me up and it’s a good option if I’m trying to avoid caffeine. I also noticed that I drink more water throughout the day when I add lemon so I keep fresh slices in the fridge at my job.

If you’re not into lemon, don’t worry because honestly you can put just about whatever fruit you like into water and enjoy it, but I think it’s so much more fun (photo worthy lol) to do tasty combinations of fruits and herbs. So, I thought I’d show you six of my favorite combinations today. But before we begin, here are a few notes about infused waters:​

  • The longer they rest, the stronger the flavor. Within about 15 minutes, you’ll get a nice, mild flavor of whatever you’re infusing the water with. The longer it infuses, the stronger the flavor will get.

  • The nutritional benefit is increased hydration. Infusing water with fruit might add a negligible amount of nutrients from the fruit, but the real nutritional benefit is to make you want to drink more water! Hydration is good.

  • Drink it that day. For the best flavor, drink it the day you make it. You might be able to get by with 36 hours, depending on how fresh your fruit is, but it’s best to make it when you want to drink it. For citrus fruits with peel, you want to drink it within a few hours or the water tends to get bitter.

  2. LEMON  & LIME

If you have any other cool recipes share them in the comment box below, I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. 

Start Your Day Off Right

When it comes to vitamins and healthy supplements, there are a few items I swear by and take  every day. Scroll down to get the scoop!

My trainer recommended this Vital Proteins to me for many reasons and here’s why, because I spend 8 hours at work sitting down I tend to find my way into eating unhealthy snacks all the time or craving food 24/7. I also don’t drink a lot of water and this product will make you feel full which will decrease the need to eat consistently and is effective in balancing insulin levels which can help avoid sugar crashes. The amino acids and collagen peptides in this supplement help the body restore youthful elasticity to skin, which is a great thing for all of us. Regardless if you’re young or blessed with perfect skin.

I mix this collagen with water and take it on an empty stomach first thing every morning.

Buy it here

Vital Proteins

I once took my mother to get micro-needling done to her face and as I spoke with a professional aesthetician she told me I am never to young to take care of my skin, she said “the sooner the better” and you probably think she was selling me her services but before I took my mom to see her I had already done numerous hours of research and knew that everything she was saying is true. So, not only did I get treatment as well she told me that BioSil was a great product to use and here I am 6 months strong and can definitely see improvement in my nails and cellulite.

I mix about 5 drops of this  BioSil in water every morning. It is said to help reduce cellulite, wrinkles, fine lines and keeps skin, hair, teeth and nails healthy. As you get older, your body produces less collagen, so adding this supplement can help naturally promote the product of collagen in existing cells.

Buy it here


Also, if you haven’t heard the rave you are definitely missing out. 15-20 minutes after I take collagen and BioSil, I take a tablespoon and a half of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water. Apple cider vinegar has a million benefits, one of the most important is that it helps your body absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Buy it here

Apple Cider Vinegar

Blonde Blondie Blonder!!!

Many people ask me how I keep my blonde hair looking healthy. If you didn’t already know having blonde hair is very expensive. Therefore, you need to make sure you are not throwing your money away by using the wrong products. In this post I will talk about how I maintain my healthy blonde hair.

1. If you are thinking about getting blonde hair I would recommend to get blonde in two ways.

Slowly transitioning to lighter hair and eventually getting to the desired color (no bleach required).

Faster route: ask your hairstylist to use Olaplex (Olaplex claims to “reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair.” Thetreatment is labelled a “bond multiplier”, which limits damage to hair during or after colouring. A lot of people with damaged hair have managed to get amazing results from Olaplex.)

2. Root touch ups can be an annoyance, I find myself questioning how to keep up my color from time to time. I tend to want to wait as long as aesthetically possible between touch-ups to save on the cash and lost hours, but there’s a fine line between cutting corners and plain sabotaging your look. You don’t want your hard work of going blonde and money invested in getting your look to go to waste. If I’ve learned anything about why we pay pros, it’s that everyone’s hair is different and there are rarely one-size-fits-all rules about how to maintain yours. The best way to understand your own hair better is to ask your stylist for suggestions on upkeep. Still, there are some basic guidelines that apply to a good many of us, after scouring the internet I encountered and here’s what I’ve learned about touching up your roots.

Foil Highlights
To make them last longer:

Try a highlight-enhancing shampoo and take care to wear a hat to protect your highlights in direct sunlight.

How often to touch up:

Every 4-8 weeks, depending on your budget, how fast your hair grows, and the colors involved (i.e. grown-out honey highlights on brown hair look a lot less abhorrent than grown-out thick platinum highlights on dark brown hair).


To make it last longer:

Keep your color from fading by washing your hair less often. Trade it in for a trusty dry shampoo like Batiste or Schwarzkopf Osis to keep your look fresh between washes.

How often to touch up:

Every 12-14 weeks. Balayage grows out more subtle than traditional highlights, as the color is hand-painted onto the hair.


To make it last longer:

Keep the ends of your hair healthy with a deep moisturizing treatment.

How often to touch up:

As often or as little as you’d like. Since ombre is all about a natural root and the dye goes on the ends of the hair, there’s no pressure to touch up until your hair has gone through so much growth and trimming that the color is starting to disappear — or until you’d like to freshen up the color.

Single Process Color

To make it last longer:

Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair to keep your locks vibrant between salon visits. If your roots are growing in something fierce, fill in the gaps with Color Wow root cover-up until your next appointment.

How often to touch up:

Every 3-6 weeks, taking special care to get frequent touch-ups if there’s a major contrast between your natural color and your new shade.

If you’re not sure exactly which timeline is right for you, ask your stylist, because that’s what they’re there for! Be upfront if you’re stressed about your budget or time constraints, because he or she may be able to offer suggestions for a more low-maintenance look.



Paying an arm and a leg to get your hair done and going home and using products that strip your hair completely, just throwing your money in garbage. If you don’t care then hey! give me some free cash lol. Seriously people do not DO NOT go home and use your everyday $1.00 shampoo. You are paying big money to have beautiful hair why ruin it by using bad products, then going to see your hairstylist the following month and asking him/her how it’s possible that your hair is so damaged.

When you have blonde hair it is easy to get it damaged if you are not protecting the blonde hair, for instance;

Straightening/curling your hair without using any protective product.

Combing your hair with the wrong tool at the wrong time.

Here are some helpful tips and products I personally use to prevent my hair from getting damaged.


If you couldn’t already tell I am a Kevin Murphy fan, these products not only have the best smell in the world but honestly I am not lying whatsoever the product is amazing and worth the bucks. And trust me it will last a long time because with these products all you need is a dime size and it works wonders. Products of Kevin Murphy cannot be bought in store nor online you are only able to purchase these items through a hair salon to find your nearest vendor click this link .

TIPS 101

The Wet Brush: Help detangle wet hair without breaking it, but it’s also the perfect brush for ladies with thin hair. Because its bristles are so gentle, it works through knots without snapping fine strands, and its padded cushion moves along your scalp to prevent further breakage.

Round Barrel Brush: Creates smooth blowouts with lots of volume, lifts hair and creates tension while drying.

Brush With Hardy Wide-spaced Bristles: Best for thick/Coarse hair they’re more gentle to hair.

Large Wide Paddle Brush: Best for Long/Straight hair, keeping your hair smooth and sleek without adding volume.

 Wide-toothed Comb: Best for detangling any type of hair.

Wood Bristle Brush: Best for curly hair, they’re more gentler on fragile hair, won’t separate the curls and will not generate static. 

Soft Natural Bristle Brush(rubber cushion): Best for fine/thin hair flexible in the hair and gentler in the scalp. 

  • Schedule a trim every 3-4 months or 12-16 weeks will help to keep your hair healthy and strong. Scheduling a trim every three to four months will help maintain the shape of your style and remove naturally split ends. Hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inches a month (I have a bad habit of not doing this but hopefully you can schedule a trim better than I can).

Here are some photos of my journey of being a blondie. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or want to simply add to this post. 

This is my before and after