Fall Feels In DFW

The leaves have changed colors and are falling all around us. The weather has started to change and cool, even whisper of hints of snow. Halloween has come and gone, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am eating soup at least once a week and hot chocolate sounds good every second of every single day. It’s official, we are in what might possibly be my favorite season.

Not only do I love the season and all it brings, I absolutely love, love, love dressing for it. Layers, jackets, boots, coats, beanies, booties, sweaters, hoodies, and on and on and on. Dressing for the Fall brings so many options and so many wonderful looks.

Today’s post Noah is wearing a shawl collar sweater that is beyond comfortable, can be found here, and I paired it with some brown boots. Boots seem to be a staple and common theme in many Fall looks, you can find these boots here

What are you favorite Fall pieces to wear? Leave a comment below and share! I would love to hear your ideas and know what you type of items you wear over and over in the Fall! Part of creating your own looks and developing your own sense of style is looking at other’s ideas/inspiration and then experimenting what best fits what you like, what you enjoy pairing together, and what you want fits YOU. Stepping out of the your comfort zone, trying new pieces and new looks is huge to developing your own style. Taking inspo and gathering ideas from many different channels can help you to analyze options, weigh pros and cons, and really zoom in on what you like best and what makes your style and taste unique to you.

Happy Wednesday to all of you and thanks for following!

Here are some other cool outfits I think you would love. Click the photo to get more details.




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