Art’s and Craft at home

Now that school is back on my schedule I have had a bit of a problem with my time management, but not to worry I have it all figured out now. And I am aware last Thursday I did not post a Hot Spot and let me say, I am very sorry but that night I was feeling so horrible I had food poisoning and it was just a rough night for me.

So today I wanted to post something different to make up lost post.

Me and Noah decided to do some art’s and craft. All products shown besides the paint were from Hobby Lobby as for the four colored paints that was given to me from Bluum which you can purchase from their website

Below are the needed supplies.

-Blue Paint Tape
-Letter Stickers
-Finger Paint

Step 1: Put tape on the canvas creating any design you would like. Once the tape is removed it leaves that area clean of paint.

Step 2: Let your little one begin to paint.

Step 3: Allow the paint to dry. (Wait 24 Hrs) or until it is no longer wet.

Step 4: Remove the blue tape (slowly) and add your letter stickers to the canvas.

Step 5: Hang it anywhere you would like and enjoy the artistic portrait your little one created.


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