Public School 972 Restaurant

Raise your hand if weekends are your favorite! Once Friday comes along I think everyone becomes 100% more happy lol But anyways, weekends are good for two things. The first one being to relax, because your work week was hella stressful and you just want to Netflix and chill ALL weekend. Or you can spend your weekend out and about seeing what shenanigans you can get yourself into.

Well last weekend hubbs and I went to a fairly new spot here in the Addison area. And I say “fairly new” because this spot has been open for two years but it doesn’t seem like many people know about it or it may just be me that doesn’t know about this place lol… anyway, I heard about this awesome restaurant/bar through the great ol’ world wide web. So, here I am ready to spill the beans for ya!

You know when you look back at your memories from elementary school and for some odd reason there are certain things you can’t forget? Sometimes it’s that memory of that boy in 3rd grade who pulled your hair because he liked you and sometimes it’s that memory of when you put a dollar in the vending machine and your hot cheetos got stuck. It’s weird the things we can’t forget lol But I KNOW everyone remembers those hair-netted lunch ladies who served up “prison food” lol such as rectangular sliced pizza with what seemed to be vegetables on the side. You can blame the lunch ladies for why kids are so terrified of veggies lol. Oh, how I don’t miss those times.

Thankfully, Public School 972, on the border of North Dallas and Addison, offers no such culinary horrors in their school house vibe restaurant, which is my favorite thing about this place. Flashcards hang from the ceiling in different parts of the restaurant, globes, books, pencil sharpeners and typewriters are all part of the playful decor. While a game area near the entrance holds a shuffleboard table, jumbo jenga blocks and a couple of dartboards.

Public School is said to be a chef-driven gastropub serving exclusive craft beer and delivers, “An Education in the Art of Food & Beer.” From the eclectic, seasonal menu we ordered the C.C.B. which was a chicken burger, smoky tomato jam, avocado, pickle, ranch, crispy bacon and topped with a fried egg. We also ordered the House Pepperoni pizza which had mozzarella, provolone, jalapeños, uncured pepperoni with chili flakes.

And let me not forget about the appetizers 🙂 yummm!

Hubbs and I ordered the bacon cheddar tots and the chorizo mac and cheese which in all honesty, I did not taste any chorizo but salami, it was delicious either way but oddly named.

The restaurant also has happy hour, aka “Recess”, all 7seven days of the week from 3-7 P.M., which means cheaper food and drinks. The bar features a vast selection of seasonal artisanal cocktails and sommelier selected wines.


3700 McKinney Avenue, #148Dallas, TX 75204 | (214) 599-6234

14854 Montfort Avenue Addison, TX 75254 | (972) 788-8484

you can visit their website at

I hope you enjoyed me showing you this rad place, until next time!


Michaelle D.