Public School 972 Restaurant

Raise your hand if weekends are your favorite! Once Friday comes along I think everyone becomes 100% more happy lol But anyways, weekends are good for two things. The first one being to relax, because your work week was hella stressful and you just want to Netflix and chill ALL weekend. Or you can spend your weekend out and about seeing what shenanigans you can get yourself into.

Well last weekend hubbs and I went to a fairly new spot here in the Addison area. And I say “fairly new” because this spot has been open for two years but it doesn’t seem like many people know about it or it may just be me that doesn’t know about this place lol… anyway, I heard about this awesome restaurant/bar through the great ol’ world wide web. So, here I am ready to spill the beans for ya!

You know when you look back at your memories from elementary school and for some odd reason there are certain things you can’t forget? Sometimes it’s that memory of that boy in 3rd grade who pulled your hair because he liked you and sometimes it’s that memory of when you put a dollar in the vending machine and your hot cheetos got stuck. It’s weird the things we can’t forget lol But I KNOW everyone remembers those hair-netted lunch ladies who served up “prison food” lol such as rectangular sliced pizza with what seemed to be vegetables on the side. You can blame the lunch ladies for why kids are so terrified of veggies lol. Oh, how I don’t miss those times.

Thankfully, Public School 972, on the border of North Dallas and Addison, offers no such culinary horrors in their school house vibe restaurant, which is my favorite thing about this place. Flashcards hang from the ceiling in different parts of the restaurant, globes, books, pencil sharpeners and typewriters are all part of the playful decor. While a game area near the entrance holds a shuffleboard table, jumbo jenga blocks and a couple of dartboards.

Public School is said to be a chef-driven gastropub serving exclusive craft beer and delivers, “An Education in the Art of Food & Beer.” From the eclectic, seasonal menu we ordered the C.C.B. which was a chicken burger, smoky tomato jam, avocado, pickle, ranch, crispy bacon and topped with a fried egg. We also ordered the House Pepperoni pizza which had mozzarella, provolone, jalapeños, uncured pepperoni with chili flakes.

And let me not forget about the appetizers 🙂 yummm!

Hubbs and I ordered the bacon cheddar tots and the chorizo mac and cheese which in all honesty, I did not taste any chorizo but salami, it was delicious either way but oddly named.

The restaurant also has happy hour, aka “Recess”, all 7seven days of the week from 3-7 P.M., which means cheaper food and drinks. The bar features a vast selection of seasonal artisanal cocktails and sommelier selected wines.


3700 McKinney Avenue, #148Dallas, TX 75204 | (214) 599-6234

14854 Montfort Avenue Addison, TX 75254 | (972) 788-8484

you can visit their website at

I hope you enjoyed me showing you this rad place, until next time!


Michaelle D.

State Fair of Texas

Howdy y'all!

That time has come once again! Bring out those walking shoes, whip out those super stretchy pants and most of all don’t forget your wallet and get ready for the GREAT State Fair of Texas!

It’s no secret, but I’m still gonna say this anyway because as a Texan, I literally can’t keep myself from bragging about all the fried food that the fair has to offer. Forget about your diet, forget about calories and carbs, just let your soul be free. The fair only comes around once in a year right? So, just let it happen.

And I know I’m kinda late writing about the fair considering that the fair has been open since September, but better late than never lol

So, if you haven’t gone to the fair yet or you’re not from Dallas. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you all the deets right here.


To keep it nice and simple.

The State Fair of Texas runs for one month, usually from the end of September to the end of October. The fair holds more than 100 daily shows, live music and family-friendly activities like rides and games. A trip to the State Fair of Texas provides endless amounts of fun for every guest. Every year many concessionaires spend the entire offseason concocting new foods to showcase at the State Fair and this year doesn’t disappoint.

Must-haves and Stay-away-froms

I’m not a professional chef or food critic or anything so I’m just throwing my opinions out there, to catch them or to not- the choice is yours.

But who doesn’t LOVE sweet tea?! But yall! The fair had SWEET TEA SLUSHIES! And even though it’s literally almost November, Texas weather can be crazy sometimes and it can still feel like summer. That sweet tea slushie cooled down my soul!

Most of the time I try and stick to a healthy diet, but I have to be honest, if I’m not drinking water I’m drinking sweet tea! My heart called out to this new slushie sweet tea and I absolutely loved it! But, if you’re not much of a sweet tea kind of person there are many many more drinks out there for ya.

 On to the next amazing wonder of the State Fair of Texas.

Now! Let’s talk about the A M A Z I N G “Funnel Cake Bacon Cheeseburger” Yes! You read that right…

I know some of us go to Six Flags just for funnel cakes. And I know everyone loves a really good burger.

So I guess one day a genius decided to put those two things together and ya know what? I LOVED IT! So when you go to the fair don’t forget to eat it quickly! If you let it sit too long the funnel cake won’t be as soft and as delicious as it would be hot.

On to the things I wasn’t so fond of lol

I am addicted to avocados, I think they’re the best fruits ever. So, if you’re an avocado lover (like me) DO NOT TRY the fried avocado lol. I know that totally sounded confusing but I ate more fried flour than I did the avocado, I really didn’t enjoy it 🙁 Which is a bummer because I was hoping to love it considering I love avocado, but this wasn’t really that enjoyable.

Last but definitely not least, everyone who goes to the fair MUST get the turkey leg! It’ll take a lot of your tickets, but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion. Besides Thanksgiving Day, the fair is another day of the year I am able to eat turkey. Which really excites me lol.

Check out some of this year’s featured new food HERE.

Here’s how to score discounts at the State Fair of Texas
Skip the weekend crowds and plan a weekday trip to the fair to take advantage of multiple discount opportunities.

Dr Pepper Tuesdays
The next time your drinking a can of Dr Pepper, don’t trash it. Keep it. Fairgoers who bring an empty can of Dr Pepper on Tuesdays receive $6 admission. Limit one can per person. Discount may not be combined with any other offers.

North Texas Food Bank Wednesdays
Want to donate to a good cause, while also scoring a major discount on fair admission? All you have to do is bring four cans of food to donate to the North Texas Food Bank on Wednesdays and in return you’ll receive $4 admission. Limit one donation (4 cans) per person. Discount may not be combined with any other offers.

Coca-Cola Thursdays
Similar to the Dr Pepper Tuesdays promotion, fairgoers who bring an empty 20-ounce bottle of any Coca-Cola product on Thursdays will receive $7 admission. Limit one bottle per person. Discount may not be combined with any other offers.

Senior Days
Senior citizens (age 60 and older) who stop by the fair on Thursdays will receive free admission. Discount may not be combined with any other offers.

First Responders Day
On Oct. 13, a Friday, the State Fair of Texas will honor all current and retired first responders (including public law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics and employees of other emergency services agencies) with free admission when they a present a valid badge or ID card from their department or organization.

The promotion also extends to first responder family members (limit three people). Valid documentation must be presented at the gate.

Daily Discounts

Score promotions and discounts no matter which day of the week you visit the fair.

Download the DART GOPass to buy discounted general admission ($16) and child/senior tickets ($12). Tickets are then scanned off your mobile device at the gate.

Stop by your local Kroger to purchase discounted general admission tickets ($16.50) and season passes ($34.95). Tickets can be purchased at the checkout counter or at the service desk. Each season pass includes one single-day, bring-a-friend ticket (good for use Monday-Friday).

McDonald’s locations across North Texas will be handing out discount coupons on tray liners and bag stuffers. Coupons can be redeemed for $5 off a general admission ticket or half off a children’s ticket (with purchase of a general admission ticket). Limit one coupon per person. Discount may not be combined with any other offers.

Ride and Food Discounts

Midway Tuesdays
Get your thrills at a discount Tuesdays when the price of most midway rides is reduced. The promotion excludes the Thrillway and the Texas Star.

Thrifty Thursdays
Eat to your heart’s content Thursdays when the fair offers special pricing on select food items, including fair classics like corny dogs, cotton candy and funnel cakes. Participating food vendors also will be offering discounts on a signature menu items, ranging from mini versions to regular-size items.

Click HERE to get the daily schedule of entertainment held at the State Fair of Texas for 2017

 Click HERE to download the map of the State Fair of Texas for 2017

Turn Heads with JORD Wood Watches

Kiss summer goodbye and embrace the cooler temps, cuddle weather and wardrobe change that fall brings!

As you start to bring out the sweaters, boots and scarves JORD watches are the PERFECT addition to your fall wardrobe. They are elegant, sophisticated and tasteful.

Your JORD watch can easily tie an entire look together with its beautiful natural tone . It’s not everyday you see a gorgeous wooden watch, so roll up those sleeves and flaunt your JORD! You’ll be surprised just how many compliments and questions you’ll be getting.

“Is that wood?” “Where did you get your watch?” I can hear those compliments already!

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t even wear watches” DO NOT STOP READING!!

Maybe watches aren’t for you, BUT they could make an awesome gift for anyone. And Christmas is literally sneaking up on us!

When hubbs found out I was partnering with JORD, he immediately started to scope out watches telling me which ones he liked best. He didn’t waste NO TIME letting me know which ones he wanted! I mean, that’s how awesome their selection is. Take a look at their beautiful watches and you’ll have a pretty hard time narrowing down your list of favorites.

So hubbs isn’t the only one who can add beautiful watches to his collection. You can too! With my partnership with JORD you’ll be able to enter my contest and win $100 to use toward your favorite JORD watch!

And right now I am super jealous because they just released a new style of watch called Cassia and I can hear it calling my name! No joke though, this would be such an amazing gift. Even if a birthday isn’t coming up, just hold on to it till the day comes. This IS NOT a contest you’d want to pass up.

ALSO, if you enter this contest and DO NOT win YOU STILL receive $25 off any purchase just by entering!

This is, without a doubt, the most exciting contest because I love everything about JORD. Everything from the packaging to the smallest detail about the watches is so unique and beautiful. When you receive your watch it comes in a cool wooden box including two cloth wipes and a wood cleanser.

When you purchase your watch please tag me using @Michaellemilly and @JORDwatch so we can see which one won your heart over!

WELCOME TO THE WWG (Wood Watch Gang) ← yes, I totally just made that up.
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