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Hey Belle’s and Beau! I hope you guys have had a great weekend so far, if not I hope you have an awesome week. I know Monday’s can be a bit dreadful but hey, our dreams and goals can’t become reality if it’s not for our weekdays. Today I want to talk to you guys about two ladies a makeup artist and a hair stylist who teamed up to now be called MissBellaMari.  These girls helped me look and feel absolutely fabulous and I want you guys to feel this way too whenever you have a special night out whether it’s your wedding day, quinceañera, birthday or even just a regular girls night out day.

When it comes to hair the only thing I can do is straighten my hair and curl it and that is as far as my hair skills can go, now makeup on the other hand  I am an eyebrow expert BUT eyeshadow you can count me out that’s why you will never see me wear eyeshadow and eyeliner it’s not because I don’t want to it’s because I don’t know how to apply it without looking like someone just punched me in the eye. Thankfully, MissBellaMari are life savers. 

IG: @MissBellaMari

Facebook: MissbellaMari



Shades of Cool

Whether you’re shopping at home or in stores I want to share this awesome box subscription company with you guys today.  I am a sucker for sunglasses, so I was pretty excited when I heard about being able to receive sunglasses every month. The cool thing about this company is it doesn’t just have to be sunglasses and what I mean by this is yes you get the sunglasses but you can also get other items in your box as well such as a makeup product and/or jewelry pieces.

Here, let me get more in depth about this.

There are 10 subscription options to choose from. Boxes are flat rate plus shipping.

1. HERS Single Pair Box $12.99

2. HERS Two Pair Box $19.99

3. HERS Single Pair + One Jewelry Accessory $19.99

4. HERS Single Pair + Two Jewelry Accessories $26.99

5. HERS Single Pair + Three Beauty Products $19.99

6. HERS Three Pcs Jewelry Accessories $24.99

7. HERS Elite Single Pair + Three Beauty Products $37.99

8. HIS Single Pair Box $12.99
9. HIS Two Pair Box $19.99

10. HIS & HERS Box $19.99

This is how it works:
1. Sign up
-Create an account
2. Order
-Select your favorite box.
3. Discover
-Each month, unfold your eyewear and strut; all eyes on you!

Once you place your first order, you will be charged for that month’s box. Following months will be charged on the 1st of each month. Sales tax may apply to your order and shipping is $3.99 per month/box for the US and $9.99 for Canada. They do offer international shipping which is a flat rate of $11.99. Deliveries are sent out on daily basis depending on the queue of your order. Once your box is shipped, you will receive an email with its tracking information. The carrier will deliver your box with no need of signature confirmation.

Members may cancel their subscription at any time by emailing a request to (

Please note: the month you cancel, your subscription may have been already charged, may have already been placed, or the box may have already been shipped. In this case, cancellation will be effective as of the following month.


for money off your first subscription.

Here are some photos of the sunglasses that we the Diaz family received.
Outfit Details: Below

Outfit Details

Mama Bear

Shirt: (discontinued) purchase similar here

Coat: (sold out) purchase similar here

Pants: purchase here

Shoes: (color is no longer available) purchase similar here

Purse: (color is no longer available: purse style is Linda) purchase similar here

Sunglasses: SolTheory

Papa Bear

Shirt: purchase here

Coat: (discontinued) purchase similar here

Pants: purchase here

Shoes: (discontinued) purchase similar here

Sunglasses: SolTheory

Baby Bear

Shirt: purchase here

Coat: purchase here

Pants: purchase here

Shoes: purchase here

Sunglasses: SolTheory

I Pranked him

Four in a half years people… FOUR IN A HALF YEARS! I have been trying to prank my boyfriend and I say this because I am horrible at trying to prank or scare anyone, I either give it away by laughing or they just catch me in action. But NOT ANYMORE muuuaaahhahahaha (evil laugh)

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